Welcome to the new home of 543 Main Street on the Web!

Since the new Board of Managers has taken office, we have made great strides in taking control of spending costs, energy waste, understanding the building’s condition, and planning for the future.

One of the most important aspects we are trying to accomplish is creating a sense of community for our residents.

To that end, we are taking great strides to  increase communication from the Board and from the Management Company so that you will always know what we are working towards on your behalf.  We have begun our expanded communication effort with this website (  It will be a forum where you can ask questions, give us feedback, and keep up to date on the daily comings and goings at 543 Main.

We hope that you will stay informed and get involved with the Board and help to give us your feedback and opinions as we strive to keep the building running smoothly and safely.

As always, you can contact us anytime with a concern or question. Please e-mail the board at and copy the e-mail to our property manager, Bill Archer at and someone will reply to your concerns.

543 Main Street

Board of Managers